PLEASE NOTE:   Postal regulations do not allow us to ship perishable foods, food with pork as an ingredient or items in glass containers or aerosol cans 

Please donate travel or small sizes - not Costco size

PROTEINS                                                   PERSONAL ITEMS (travel size preferred)
Beef jerky/Slim Jims (no pork of any kind)                    Baby wipes - unscented (packets better than tubs)   
Beef sausage rolls (like Hickory Farms)                         Lip Balm/Chapstick                                           
Cheese packs (non-refrigerated type)                           Sunscreen (non-aerosol)                          
Sunflower seeds                                                         Bug Repellent
Protein bars                                                               Foot powder & lotion  (GoldBond if possible)                
Tuna or chicken in lunch kits or foil pouches                  Tylenol, motrin, muscle creme, icy hot patches        
Nuts - all kinds                                                           Cold Eze, lozenges, cough drops
                                                                                 Eye drops
                                                                                 Waterless hand sanitizer                                                                                                             
DRINK &  ADD WATER ITEMS                                   
Cold powdered drink mixes (Gatorade, Crystal Lite,       CLOTHING
   lemonade, apple cider)                                             Socks (full length athletic, cotton black or white)
Hot chocolate mix                                                       T-shirts - cotton, plain only (white, black, green)
5 Hour Energy Shots                                                 Pillow cases (dark colors)
Instant coffee packs (also available at Starbucks)          Washcloths (dark colors)
Red Vines 

​                                                                 ENTERTAINMENT 
SNACKS (individually wrapped packages)                                       
                                                                                Small hand held games (like Rubik's Cube)
Dried fruit - raisins, cranberries, cherries)                    Hacky sacks, balls, water balloons, yo-yos
Trail mix (no large bags)                                            Cards, dice 
Cookies (small packages)                                                              
Hard candy, Life Savers, Atomic Fireballs                                          
    (nothing that would melt in the heat)                          
Lollipops, sweet tarts, sour balls
Bubble gum/chewing gum
Mints/Altoids/Tic Tacs



We  also need 2 inch  Scotch 3M clear postage tape  

Thank you for your support for our Military!

Pleasanton Military Families
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