PLEASE NOTE:   Postal regulations do not allow us to ship perishable foods, food with pork as an ingredient or items in glass containers or aerosol cans 

WHAT WE DO NEED:                             WE DO NOT NEED:

FOOD ITEMS                                                Protein or granola bars
Beef Jerky, Slim Jims                                                   Peanut Butter
Sausage rolls (no refrigeration)                                     Tuna, oysters, sardines
Cheese packs (no refrigeration type)                             Hot chocolate
Nuts, sunflower seeds                                                  Tea Bags
Powder drink mix for water bottles (crystal light, etc.)    Popcorn
Energy Shots                                                              Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes)                                         
Dried fruit                                                                   DVDS                 
Salt & pepper packets                                                  Books , magazines                           
                                                                                 Coffee and tea                                                   
                                                                                 Mints or gum
​                                                                  Canned food, soup
COMFORT ITEMS:                                        Gum, mints       
Dental floss                                                         
Baby wipes                                                             
Sunscreen (non-aerosol)                                                             
Bug repellent (non-aerosol)                                                       
Foot powder                                                            
Tylenol, motrin                                                      
Eye drops                                                               
Cough drops                                                           
Hand Sanitizer                                                        
Full length cotton socks (black or white; )                   
Undershirt (tan,  green or brown; medium & large) 
Wash cloths
Neck coolers

Crossword puzzles
Soduko books
Small size games
Dice, cards
Hacky sack, balls
July 4 themed patriotic items

In addition to the items listed below, cards and letters, words of pride and encouragement as well as money to help pay for postage.  Please email for further information
Pleasanton Military Families
...the purpose of this email is to extend a profound and sincere thanks and a heartfelt sense of gratitude to all of you for your very kind and selfless gesture.  We recently received upwards of 15 chockfull care packages, carefully and affectionately filled with some of the most thoughtful items I have seen in countless deployments  From the satiable trail mix and Easter candy, to the warm socks, t-shirts, and hand warmers, all were super well received by everyone in the detachment.  Thank you for everything you guys do to keep the morale of deployed troops as high as it can possibly be when away from family. Your packages certainly make it easier to deal with and lend themselves to bring huge smiles to everyone that receives one.  Please continue to do what you do and trust that your work is extremely uplifting.