Pleasanton Military Families is a Tri-Valley support group for those who have a loved one serving in the Military.
There is no better support than being surrounded by others who know what you are going through, to share concerns, fears, and to celebrate your joys.

Three times per year we have "packouts" where we create care packages of fun and needed items to our deployed troops.  We gather at semi-annual meetings, packouts, the annual July picnic, Holiday Christmas pot luck and our "Red White and You Gala"

PMF members are available to meet with military families or friends whenever support and comfort are needed. 

Contact [email protected] to receive email updates, to send care packages to a loved one and for dates of PMF activities.

Pleasanton Military Families
On March 14, we assembled 226 care packages to be sent to our deployed troops. Packing up Easter fun, yummy treats, much needed essentials, letters of thanks, and a splash of love was a nice deterrent from the crazy world we’re living in. It was easy to get a little choked up as we looked at all the people willing to come and support our troops. We are so thankful for the amazing community we live in.

Due to the current situation 
we are sorry to announce that we have
decided to cancel our 
Red, White and You Gala 2020

Thank you for your generous support for the past two galas and hope to see you at our 2021 Gala!