When a loved one returns from a deployment it is not only a joy for the family 
but a time to show our appreciation and thanks. PMF coordinates with other 
veteran support groups, (e.g., Military Escort Team, VFW, local Fire and Police) to 
make this event one to remember always. 

These events are usually a surprise with the Military Escort Team meeting them 
at the airport with a flag line and escorting them home to a gathering of 
family, friends, and neighbors. 

There is nothing quite as memorable as the roar of 15 Harleys coming into 
your neighborhood. There are presentations and recognition awards from 
local dignitaries and Veteran Groups.

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Pleasanton Military Families
Pleasanton Military Families is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  
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If you are in the Tri-Valley area
and are interested in a homecoming contact: [email protected]
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